Telecommunication system using a humanoid robot

Now we develop a new telecommunication system which enables us to control robot freely using multiple range sensors and a pressure sensor.
Operator’s surface is reconstructed from a distance image of each range sensor. The system estimates his pose by a 3D body model, and control the robot using his pose (Please see this page, in Japanese).
We apply PCA to operator’s 3D data to get his body direction and turn the cart in the direction. Next, the system recognizes steps by pressure data and moves it forward. Now it spends 60~100 milliseconds to estimate operator’s body direction and pose. Following figure shows the system of cart control and you can see how our system controls the cart by the following video.

We expected the system supports remote shopping because people can move in all directions and express any gestures. For example, when they want to see something of their interests, they can point to it and ask a salesperson to explain its detail. It enables us communicate others smoothly with both verbal and non-verbal behaviors.
Finally, we show how people communicate using this system in a following video. In this video, operator hear an explanation of equipment in our laboratory.

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