ICIE: Immersive Collaborative Interaction Environment

We are developing ICIE (Immersive Collaborative Interaction Environment) in which a person can interact with ECAs controlled by the captured behavior of another person (Fig.1) [1]. By using this system for WOZ, we are able to gather and analyze the communication behavior needed for realizing effective human-agent interaction (Fig. 2). ICIE is composed of an immersive display, which reproduces a 360-degree image around an ECA, infrared range sensors, cameras and speakers. The system can capture human behavior, such as head direction, posture of the upper body and 3D angles of arms, with low cognitive and physical loads in closed immersive environment and the ECA reflects human actions in real time.

Fig. 1: ICIE (Immersive Collaborative Interaction Environment)

Fig.2: WOZ (Wizard of OZ) by ICIE



[1] Yoshimasa Ohmoto, Hiroki Ohashi, Akihiro Takahashi, and Toyoaki Nishida: Capture and Express Behavior Environment (CEBE) for Realizing Enculturating Human-Agent Interaction, In: T. Ishida (Ed.): Culture and Computing, LNCS 6259, Springer, pp. 41-54, 2010.
http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-17184-0_4インタラクティブシステムを開発するにはインタラクションのさまざまな局面での適切なコミュニケーション行動に関わる詳細なデータが大量に必要である.データ収集のために没入型協調的インタラクション環境ICIE (Immersive Collaborative Interaction Environment)を開発し,その上にロボット操作者(Wizard)がロボットの置かれている状況を認知的な負荷なしに直感的に把握し,特別なデバイスを用いることなく直感的にロボット操作ができるHAI開発環境(図1)を試作し,高度化に取り組んでいる.

図1: 没入型協調的インタラクション環境ICIEを用いたロボット行動システムの全体像