A method of dynamically estimating emphasizing points and degree

The differences in the concepts of values underlying human actions are important when we analyze communication in cross-cultural situations. The purpose of this study is to identify cues for estimating the degrees of emphasis reflecting the concepts of values [1].  We experimentally investigated that we could estimate discoveries new factors and increase degree of emphasis, decrease degree of emphasis by using the verbal information, nonverbal behavior and psychological indices. From the results of the investigation, we propose a method to dynamically estimate emphasizing points when two propositions were explained and a participant was asked what were his/her demands. We conducted that an experiment to evaluate our proposed method. We confirmed that the proposed method could accurately estimate the degree of emphasis.


[1] Yoshimasa Ohmoto, Takashi Miyake, Toyoaki Nishida: Estimation of user’s preferential structure through interaction, ISRE 2011, 2011.