1. Divesh Lala and Toyoaki Nishida received Best Paper Award from 11th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Informatics and Cognitive Computing (ICCI*CC’12) for the paper entitled “A Collaborative Pointing  Experiment for Analyzing Bodily Communication in a Virtual Immersive Environment.”  / Copy of testimonial
  2. Yasser Mohammad and Toyoaki Nishida received SII2011 Best Paper Award (Control) from 2011 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration, December 20-22, 2011, Kyoto Japan. Yasser Mohammad and Toyoaki Nishida, On Comparing SSA-based Change Point Discovery Algorithms, IEEE SII 2011, 938-945.  December 21, 2011.  / Copy of testimonial
  3. Toyoaki Nishida. IEEE CS Granular Computing, Outstanding Contribution Awards, in recognition of his innovative and highly significant contributions to the fields of Social Intelligence and Granular Computing. November 9th, 2011.
  4. Loic Merckel,  Best Student Paper Award CHANGE-POINT DETECTION ON THE LIE GROUP SE(3) FOR SEGMENTING GESTURE-DEFINED SPATIAL RIGID MOTION, co-authored with Toyoaki Nishida, GRAPP, On May 21st, 2010
  5. Yasser Mohammad, Toyoaki Nishida, Measuring Naturalness During Close Encounters Using Physiological Signal Processing, Best Paper Award, The Twenty Second International Conference on Industrial, Engineering & Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems IEA-AIE 2009 , June 24-27, 2009 Tainan, Taiwan
  6. Matthias Rehm,Yukiko Nakano,Elisabeth André,Toyoaki Nishida Culture-specific first meeting encounters between virtual agents The 8th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents(IVA2008) Best Paper Finalists.
  7. Yasser F. O. Mohammad, Toyoaki Nishida, A Cross-Platform Robotic Architecture for Autonomous Interactive Robots, Best regular paper award, IEA/AIE2008 / Copy of testimonial
  8. Yong Xu, The Young Investigator Fellowship Award, IEEE ICME2007 (Honorary Credential)
  9. Toyoaki Nishida. WIC Outstanding Service Award./ WIC homepage