Advanced Study in Intelligence Science and Technology I - 2012

Applied Intelligence Information Processing

Our purpose is realization of processing systems and software to extract, to recognize, to understand, and to represent intelligence information. In this practical training seminar, students address following challenge.

Designing and evaluating an interaction system

Since humans perform diverse activities in their interactions, it is difficult to understand the whole structure of interaction. From an engineering perspective, we try to understand an essential part of interaction according to our engineering purposes.

In this challenge, participants design a part of an existing interaction system, such as
interaction humanoid robot system (NAO), radio control helicopter (AR.Drone) and
immersive collaborative interaction environment (ICIE). After that, they conduct an
experiment for learning a basic method to analyze and evaluate interaction data.

Seminar schedule

The project will be done by basically following steps:

  • 1. Lecture of methods to analyze interaction and consultation about a design purpose.
  • 2. Planning and presentation of the design and evaluation.
  • 3-5. Making an interaction system and progress report.
  • 6. Conducting an evaluation experiment.
  • 7. Presentation of the design and evaluation.

Participants change an existing interaction system which we used for our researches. In the 3-5 periods, participants do not have to stay in a seminar room but they have to make a progress report every week. If interested, then participants can use special devices in our laboratory.

6 and 7 periods are conducted in September. The schedule will be fixed depending on


About 4 students. When more than two students participate, they make up a team to design an interaction system.