Successful topics of AI

Here is a list of successful topics of artificial intelligence research.

  1. large-scale search
    DeepBlue (1997)
  2. Knowledge-based systems
    – DEC’s knowledge transfer and knowledge network (including XCON , XSEL, …)
    – American Express’s the Authorizer’s Assistant
  3. Language, Speech, and Vision
    IBM Watson (2011)
  4. Planning
    – ALVINN (An Autonomous Land Vehicle in a Neural Network) on Lavlab (1989)
    The Mars Exploration Rovers (2003)
  5. Machine Learning and Data Mining
    AM/Eurisko -> Eureqa
  6. Using AI in Creating Works of Art
    AARON (1985)

AAAI’s AI Topics page will be greatly helpful for further investigation.
AIMA provides rather comprehensive links to the AI technology (including AI on the Web).