Registration Guide for SID-2010

This guide provides some basic information about the workshop registration. We hope that it will help to make this process as smooth as possible.


Step 1: Visiting the SID-2010 home page

Please go to the following URL

This will bring up the home page below.:


Please scroll down to the registration information shown below and click on one of the links

to the registration site



Step 2: The main page of the registration site.

This brings up the main page of the registration site.


Step 3: Early registration

Currently we are still in the early registration phase. So please click on gAdd to basketh.

This will bring up the following question page:


Step 4: Entering information in the question page.

Here you should enter your name and any dietary restrictions. Then please press the gProceed to basketh button. This will result in the following page:


Step 5: Preparing for making a reservation for accommodation on campus

If you wish to reserve accommodation on campus, the required operation is slightly cumbersome. In fact we recommend using the gbackh button of your browser twice (!!). This brings you back to the main page of the registration site. This page offers an accommodation option:


Step 6: Selecting gAccommodation on campush

Now please press the gAccommodation on Campush button. This will lead you again to the following question page:


Step 7: Entering information into the question page

Unfortunately you need to provide the same information again, you have provided before.


Step 8: The temporary account page

Clicking on the gProceed to basketh button should bring up your temporary account page. If you are satisfied with the information on this page, please click on the gProceed to checkouth button.


Step 9: Check out

This will bring up the checkout page. Here you need to click on the gNew Registrationsh button.


Step 10: New Registration

This will allow you to register with the conference registration site. Please ensure that you at least provide all the information indicated with an asterisk. This part is fairly standard and leads you through a path where you also need to enter your credit card information.


Step 11: Confirming the agreement

After a while you will reach a page similar to the one below:

(Some privacy information is hidden.)


Step 12: Confirmation email

After you confirmed the agreement, an email similar to the one below will be sent.


This completes your registration for SID-2010.

We are looking forward to meeting you in London.

With kind regards

The SID-2010 Organizing Team